Residents of many countries  require a visa to enter Turkey.

Most visas can be obtained at the visa office at both Ataturk and Sabiha Gocken airports in Istanbul and at border crossings.  It is best to have the correct money in either US or Euro to pay for your visa on arrival to save time and hassle.

Australians & Canadians – Euro 45 or US60

Other countries – Euro 15 or US20

To find out further information about your specific country check the website



The official currency in Turkey is Turk Lirasi.   There are abundant Cash Machine withdrawal points in Istanbul and money change office are plentiful in Sultanahmet.  Most  do not charge commission.   You can change money on arrival at airports but the rate is less favourable and it is best to wait until your arrival into Sultanahmet.



Turkey is an Islamic country and modesty and politeness are much admired.  Having said that, Turkish people are tolerant of tourists. Common sense in your dressing is advised.  When you are entering mosques women need to cover their heads and legs, and shorts for men are not allowed.     Always have a scarf handy for those times when you want to enter a mosque.

In the summer jeans, shirts and shorts are acceptable but it is best not to wear brief shorts and tops out of respect.     


Temperatures in Istanbul vary from -2 in the winter to 38+ in the summer time

Below is a chart showing the average weather patterns for Istanbul